Monday, November 16, 2009


This took me a while. Started in late winter, but put away may times.
The original idea was a picture in a german knitting magazine. But despite learning german in highschool, my knowledge of the language stuck at the poin when I can recite two lines of the poem "Du bist Sie eine Blume, so schön, und rein, and...".
So I checked the charts, and made up...

There is lacy diamond pattern, twisted double rib, and eyelets. And randomly spaced embroidered flowers.

Thight bodice, peplum, and trumpet shaped sleeves.

Yarn is King Cole, Merino Blend DK. 3mm needles.
This yarn relaxes. A LOT. I mean it. I knew this fact from my earlier knits (especially the yoga wrap) The pieces looked rather idiotic while I was knitting, because to offset this factor (and that I am a pretty loose knitter) I knitted it very thightly. Whoever saw did not thought the finished sweater would fit me. But it does. Perfectly.


Isis said...

It looks lovely !

Anonymous said...

OMG, I seriously love this one!! Gorgeous!