Sunday, November 8, 2009

getting old, getting glasses

Umm, that is right. I am getting old and I need glasses. I always had some trouble, in my teens I used glasses. It was interesting, because the problems was caused by the shape of my eyeballs, and a simple eye exam couldn't tell. Yes, I could see perfectly when I was fresh, but after a day in school, or later a day at the sewing machine, made them really, really tired, and caused headaches. Dioptric glasses couldn't help them, so I got some other type (the one that operates NOT with the curve of the lenses, but the tickness-whatever they called in English.)
Anyway, after a while it got better and I rarely used the glasses anymore.
But lately I've been having problems. Sitting in my son's desk in his school I couldn't read what was written on the blackboard, I couldn't read the subtitles on the TV (or in the movies) and such. So at the yearly exam at work I asked for an eye exam too... And yes, the results are: to the old problem added my age, and I need glasses, not for close things like reading or knitting, but for seeing things clearly in a certain distance.
Christopher hated the idea, but I thold him he can come and help me choose a frame.
The first thing he pointed out were : "Look, mama, they have orange frames!!!" (the kids know his mother, all too well, LOL), but I told him we have to get something sensible, for everyday use, something that would go with most of my outfits. So we choose a pair of amber colored frame, with a realy good pair of lenses (UV filter, scratch resistant, extra thin, light plastic):

But the crazy in me, wouldn't let the orange frames go either. There was a great sale on, so I only had to pay for the lenses (which in this case were much simpler/cheaper).

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Isis said...

They're super ! Both of them ! You look great with glasses ! and what's that about getting old... I have worn glasses and/or contacts since I was 8 ! Age has nothing to do with it...