Wednesday, November 11, 2009

assignement knitting

I am a selfish knitter. I don't like to knit for others (except for the inmediate family, and for presents, when I want to give someone something I made. Handknits are so precious, so is my time, and I think people have to deserve getting my handknits. Ok, one can achieve that just by being close to me, or being a good friend...
"Assignment knitting" to knit something for someone else because they want it I absolutely hate. Not even for money. Time to time someone at work ask me to knit something, but then I tell just how much the yarn costs, and just how much time it takes, and multiply it with the minimal wage how much would it add up to... that is usually enough to deter them.
But there was this girl in the bank, who was adamant. She kept nagging me, she kept asking me, and she didn't even pull a face when I told her just how much would it cost her. She even promised to learn how to knit if I make an other from the lacy-racy tank top. I rather like her, so I relented. It took me ages to finish, and I have no idea when can she wear it, but... here it is the pic, just for the documentation.

I used the same idea, and stich patterns, but the original, was a tad too big, and she is somewhat smaller than I am I had to figure out a different size, different stitch count. Also I couldn't find the chart for the flower I used in that one, so I made up an other one.


Isis said...

It looks great ! I hate "assignments" too... LOL !

Municipal Cupcake said...

I like this final item, it could be used to decorate a Christmas tree.