Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lovely day

Here comes a long post with lots of pictures.
Chris's school is off for the fall break in this week, and I managed to get two days of vacation too. P. went to the lake and I have my boy for all myself (yay).

November 1st is the day of "all saints" and nov. 2nd is the "day of the dead", which means we spend time to remember those who are not with us anymore (or as we tell to Chris "those who went back to the stars"). This is the time when everyone (even those who usually do not) goes to the cemeteries, light a candle, and remember.

This year with many things coming together I decided I take Chris to the city where I grew up, and where my mom is buried.

We took a small wreath and lighted a candle, but Chris was adamant about a small bouquet of flowers.

Afterwards we stopped a "Cukrászda" (cafe? tea house? but the emphasis is on the sweets, the cakes. Chris asked for an ice cream and a frog shaped sweet.

We took a bus and I showed him the windows of the ground-floor apartment I grew up. (Behind the lilac bush is the window of my childhood room).

Then the elementary school I learned to read and write:

And the small river with the dam we played so much on:

On the dam we walked toward the "inner" city. I always loved walking there. behind in the distance there is the small pedestrian bridge, where I got my first kiss.

The small river (Zagyva) runs into a bigger one, and just at the crossing there is the boathouse where I went rowing for years.

The park behind the pool I learned to swim. When I was a kid, the small pond was crumbling and empty. Now it had frog sculpture, and water fountains.

We also checked the high school I went to.

And my son played on the new playground in the park right beside it.

Before we left he city we looked the sculpture that was put there as a remembrance of all who lost their lives in the first world war.

But the truth is that the whole city calls it "the naked butt", because from the walkway on the banks of the Tisza it looks like this:

I don't know about these days, but back it was common to make dates by "the naked butt".
By then the sky turned cloudy and windy and we got pretty tired, so we headed for the train station and got on the next train to Budapest...
After we got back we stopped at the cafe which is one of the place we meet for knitting. A girl from Ravelry was in Hungary and we met her. She is cute and young. Christopher was the end of his (and my rope). Until I had my son I never believed that when kids get tired they get hyperactive (which for my basically very active son looks like he goes nuts LOL). Now I know it happens but still do not understand... But by the time we got home, I made my baby have a shower, drink a cup of ovomaltine, and as soon as his head hit the pillow he fell asleep (yay), and didn't wake up until nine in the morning (I've been sleeping badly because he always comes over and sleeps in my bed... rather restlessly. Not last night. Yay.)
Ps: I shot the pictures with my brand new cell phone. I guess the 3 megapixel camera it has is not bad at all...


Anonymous said...

I just LOVE your narrative of the day you had visiting with Chris - I got such a chuckle out of the 'naked butt' - how funny is that?! :D

Ulli said...

that reminds me so much of a trip which I made with my sister a year and a half ago. We went to Budakeszi near Budapest and went to all the places where my parents were born and raised. If you are interested, my blog post about it are here:

It is all in German though, but my blog has an english translator on it. A very poor one, I admit ;-)

You son is very cute... excuse me... handsome.

Isis said...

Wonderful account of your time with Chris. Yay for the naked butt, LOL !

herr_dr_nuss said...

what a fun day. i remember days like that over there. not as much here. i can see why to meet at the naked butt LOL. connotations LOL oh yes boys go bezerko when they are tired. mine throws major fits when he's too tired and fights sleep time. those times with Chris when P is at the lake must be wonderful. (be glad its not 3 of them though lol)