Monday, March 19, 2018

Celebration in the Muzeum

More pictures than talk, would that be okay?

Let me just say, that March 15, 1848 is one of the most memorable day in Hungarian history, and celebrations each year were equally important.
This year our reenactment group was invited to be the part of the National Museum's celebration program. We've spent two days there March 3 and 16.

Hopefully I will write a separate post about the making of my dress with more detailed pictures... sometimes in the near future. Until then... picture time. 
The team at the end of the first day.
 Ladies in handmade / self made clothes
 Attraction in the ladies salon: bobbin lace.
 My inner diva :-)
 A true gentleman :-)  
Ladies from the age of reforms (as we call the 1840's)
In one of the acts. 
Ladies and gentlemen  in the salon.

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