Sunday, March 4, 2018

New Year's Red 2018

It says a lot of the state of my knitting and knitting mpjo, that it took me 6 week to finish my new year's sweater... (My best was about three days a couple of years ago)... But a rule is a rule, a tradition is a tradition, even if it is only a few years old, and even if it is a tradition only for me. 

Anyway it is finally done and here it is. I even took it to travel with me..
 Against my basic view of stash (the more is the better) I've decided trying to make use what I actually have, so last december I dug into my boxes and came up with a few ideas for my NYS...and after some consideration I settled on something I've already done in a different variation.
I loved DROPS's Nordic Summer pattern, and I wanted to do the pullover version for some time now, so much I even had the yarn in my stash for a red and white color scheme. 
 The pattern is pretty straightforward, easy to follow, the only change I've done, to use different stitch number for the sleeves to accomondate my arms, and when I've put the sleeves and the body on one sleeve I had to recalculate the decreases to have the proper number of stitches to be able to position the pattern repeats.
 The photoes were taken in Greenwich, London, by my son... light was on and off,
Pattern: DROPS Nordic Summer
Yarn: DROPS Baby Merino
Needles: Knit Pro Zing (2.75 (for the edges), 3.00  (for the stockinett), 3.25 (for the nordic pattern).

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