Friday, May 18, 2018

Question of the day..

Just to show the delpth of the problems I am facing... the question of the day is: if I want lace between the panels for a late 15th century camicia should I use (and therefore learn) needle lace, or should I just do a simpler, narrow lace from teh Le Pompe book.
I posed the question to a friend a couple of days ago, and she said, she understands the word of "between", "late" and "century"but has no idea, what I am talking about.
Stay tuned and I will explain later. Until then the pictures of me trying out a new Le Pompe pattern, to see whether it would be suitable for teh above mentioned purpouse.

 And one additional to show what happens, when the mailman rings, and I stand up so fast that the whole stand and pillow flies away.

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