Monday, February 20, 2017

Yarnlovechallenge... on the go.

I know, I was a bad blogger and failed this challenge miserably... I will try to make up for a few of the themes, but I see now, that I will not be able to do them all, nor would I do them in order.

However I cannot miss out the theeme for today :-) You see, I was late to go to University, I started in my forties, and I spent five years travelling back and fort almost every week to a city about 190 kms away, taking a trainride of 2,5 hours (if nothing happened with the train---and usually something did.). I made a rule that on the train going and coming home I will NOT study, work, do homework, or anything study and/or work related. But rest, think, and knit (I kept this rule most of the times, with a very few exception). I started to post "I knit everywhere" kind of pictures, including knitting in a concert, on the tram, and then on the train and in uniclasses became the main background for my knitting... With time university took over my life, and since most of the times I went on fridays, the "friday knitting on the train" posts became regular feauture on my FB timeline. Since I am also an avid coke drinker, there was inevitably a coke can or bottle somehwere in the picture, thus the pictures "friday's knitting on the train whith a coke in the picture"... if you search the hashtag #vonatoskólás on FB you will find quite a few of them.
Then in one of my knitting groups we did asked for pictures of knitting while travelling, and then the theme got picked up by a lot of knitters (most of them don't even know where the whole thing originates from). Here is a montage of some of those pictures.

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