Thursday, February 9, 2017

back to regular scheduling... yarnlovechallenge/speed

I was so happy about my new sweater and so busy with work and other stuff, like feeling sorry for myself (the two things are totally unrelated, do not worry. Yet. Maybe never, and I will work on this, but not yet anyway), that I missed a few days of posting... you see me and the best intentions. I will try to make up for the missing parts by posting more than once a day, I will see how it goes.

As for the #yarnlovechallenge and speed I could post about the shawl I knitted in four days, the green yarn I spun incredily fast (for me at least), or the sweater that took me three days to finish, or the fact that in a really good day, when I knit a lot, but I also do other things I can knit up about 200 meters of yarn (I can spin about that much too)... I would not mention how slow I can get, about the days I can hardly muster one row...

For pictures I will give you a pair of pictures that are very remotely fiber-related, as human hair IS actually a fiber. And though there is not much I like about my hair, its thinning and white, but at least it grows kind of fast. While I was coloring my hair that was not an advantage, but I am happy about it now. The two picture was taken one year srom each other.

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