Friday, February 3, 2017

currently making

Still the #yarnlovechallenge , in which the theme is "currently making"...
Among the about hundred other things I am actively working on the following things:
A Boreal sweater... that is my knitting when I am home. (Yarn Drops Lima, Pattern Kate Davies)
 When I am out in places, like with someone in a cafe, or the theatrical group I joined, I have the Dragon Heart shawl (Drops yarn, Drops pattern) with me, for which I don't need a printed pattern, only minimal counting is involved.
However, when I go to the movies with my boy, I take something I really, really easy, that do not need counting (only at certain points), in fact it doesn't require me to look at it. (some second hand leftover sockyarn and the pattern from my head).
As for spinning, I also have a don't really need to pay much attention kind of spinning on it, this is what I took to the TV studio, and spun in whatever thicknes felt comfortable there.
 And there is this very fine spinning, a laceweight, I am planning to weave with.
So here you go... nand we do not mention those , like the sock that needs a pair, or,the other, just one cuff... or the sweater(s) that needs half a sleeve to finish, nor all those items that are abandoned at various stage of readiness all around my place. Maybe sometimes...

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