Sunday, March 27, 2016

Topsy-turvy pictures

The yarn festival organized by the publisher company that owns Barkafonal now is called Kacskaring├│, that would translate to... well I don't really know... meandering, or topsy turvy, the way a yarn is meandering rolling of a ball...
Last year, because of my shcool engagements I was there only for the second day, this spring I was there for both days.
I have my reservations about the event, especialy the organization of this spring, but I am no going into this here, whetever needed to be say I said it to the organizers, believe me :-)
The fun was that I've been put next to my friend, Adrien, whom I thaught spinning with the DROP spindle ages ago, and we are friends ever since.
It was also fun, because many came to see me, and those who told me they came especially to see what I brought was especially heartwarming.
I finally have a spinning wheel picture, not that I am satisfied with how I look on it, but never mind. A serious weight loss regime is looming at the horizon.
And the day of wool, the event so close to me heart, not only because it was the first of this kind of events, but also because I've been there sonce the very first one, that was held back in 2011 or so.
And the next one will come in a couple of weeks, and I just cannot wait.

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