Thursday, March 10, 2016

Barber pole

After last my last week's side comment about not really liking the barber-pole effect I've been asked what is THAT?
Well appareantly ever since someone invented razors (probably in ancient Egypt or so), there were people who were shaving others for money.
From about the middle ages, advertise themselves instead of a signboard, they used striped poles. The stipes usually run in a  spiral (helix). In most places the stipes' color were red and white, symbolizing blood and clean bandages.According some articles in the US the color blue is added.

In spinning by barber pole effect we mean, when (or more) different color meets when we ply the yarn, and the difference between the clors, and the twist in the yarn plies causing a similar spiraling effect, much like in this yarn between the pink and the red colors.
The bigger the contrast between the colors the stronger the effect will be.
Some like it very much.
When spinning with the fractal technique this effect is very pronounced.
I personally do not like it too much, maybe except for when the contrast is not to strong, the colors are rather close, like in the yarn I showed last week:
Now you know what I mean when I mention barberpoling effect.

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