Monday, March 14, 2016


 Ever since I've knitted the Inpira cowl a few years ago, I had this idea to make the broken corrugated rib into a sweater design. As usual I had the yarn, just as that long (I think that is partly the reason to my gigantic stash...I have the idea, I get the yarn, then I can't find the time, or loose interest, and/or a new prject or idea takes residence)...
 However, sometimes the time comes for a yarn, or idea to become a real sweater.
 It is a top-down sweater, started at the neck, which is intentionally wider, looser, a bit like a cowl/funnel neck.
 The yoke is knitted in broken corrugated rib.
The wide cuffs that are becoming my trademark, and the edge at the waist are knitted with simple 2x2 fair isle rib.
I am thinking of writing up the pattern....
Yarns: DROPS Delight (purple) and Fabel.
Needles: 3 mm for the gray and 3,5 mm for the stranded parts.
Photoes: Deli Christopher Laurent

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