Monday, March 10, 2014

Rainbow Spektrum

When I've knitted my first Spektrum shawl, as a kind of a "job requirement" I've made it out of DROPS yarns. I love it, and I hardly take it off (just as the girls in Barka, even they couldn't make me). The shawl was also very succesful, pictures of it made it to the Facebook page of DROPS itself. Still, even as I knit it the first time around I had a feeling it would really, really look good in a long changing rainbow colored yarn.
So when a Facebok friend asked if I would knit one for her, I jumped on the opportunity and convinced her, that if we get into shipping it halfway around the world, we might as well go into it full, and make it from handdyed, handsoun yarn.
I already shown teh yarns to you in various stages of readyness, the rainbow colored one is about 500 meters spun out of corriedale wool.
The grey one is about 1100 meters of merino, slightly heathery.
The pattern can be found on the Drops pages here.
This one is already is on its way to Canada. I hope the recepient will love it as much as I do.
And I kind of have a feeling this was not the last version I've made of this pattern.
Pictures were shot by... does it still need to be said?
 But I never tired of putting down his name: Christopher Laurent Deli.
This last one is my favorite.


caramele said...

jolie châle

Zophie said...

Do you sell the yarn? If so, where?

vicarno's mama said...

it is stunning, she will love it!

peony said...

Thank you all. Zophie, in the right band there is a link to the page where you can see some of my handspun (and handdyed) yarns. If you would like to get any of them, write me to, and we can work out the details.

kristieinbc said...

Are you familiar with the expression "drop dead gorgeous?" Well, it perfectly fits this shawl. It is truly stunning! It is a lucky fellow Canadian who will be receiving this!