Monday, March 17, 2014


Striping a yarn with long color-repeats with a unicolored one always facinated me.
I finally managed a shawl like tha too.For a present (now that everyone knows that I am selfish, and do not knit for others...except when... but that is an other post. Or a whole other blog). Two skeins of Drops Delight (actually aone and enought for the last two rows and the picot edging) and two skeins of Drops alpaca silk.
If knitted it bigger than the pattern, making a few extra stripes, and increasing before the lace so it could be divided by the number of stitches in the pattern repeat plus the edge stitches). If I would knit this again for myself, I would knit it even bigger, like knit two full skeins of delight and three skeins of alpaca silk.

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