Sunday, March 23, 2014

Duty on the job..

Since I am translating the Drops patterns, I kind of feel, it is my duty to knit as many of their patterns and yarns as I can...
In their last catalog there was this little beauty, and with the coming of spring/summer, I felt the urge to knit something really light and lacy.
I had one hank of the Drops lace yarn in ice blue, which seemed perfect, so I didn't had to fight the urge.

Only minor changes to the patern itself, and that was only because I love my shawls big, and I wanted to use all of the yarn.(What could I do with 100 leters of lace?). I added a repeat to the main pattern, done twice the las four rows of the edge pattern, than added some more rows to make the edge really scallopy. I still had some yarn left over. If I would knit this again, insted of the four repeat of the main pattern, I would do not five but six, maybe even seven repeats, and leave the edging a bit narrower. And (of course???) I added beads to the edging. Just look close the pictures. Lots of beads.
The (almost) obligatory blocking pictures, because it never cease to amaze me. Someone said the Drops lace yarn wouldn't relax/grow as much as pure wool, which is logical and neither the alpaca, nor the silk is as elastic, but look:
It did grew all right.
 I said there are beads, didn't I???
This is the kind of job I like.

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Lillysmuul said...

Beautiful shawl! Well done!
(and I sooooo understand your "duty". ;) )