Wednesday, February 19, 2014


It all started with a pair of pantyhose. I was looking at it in a store window for months, I was in love. I was purple, and looking at it from a distance it looked like small pink rosebids were printed on it. Only from close view I realized that those were not rosebuds but small skulls. Ummm...welll.... I know, I know. Still. For cetrain (mainly economic) reasons I did not get it for myself, but then I met someone who has almost as weird fashion sense than I do.
So, the pantyhose was bought, taken to Szeged, its new owner is jumping up and down and sqeels happily. Then the little monster in the back of my mind wakes up. The color (whats more, the patern) of my hairclip should go well with my shoelace, right? With a skull patterned pantyhose one has to wear color-coordinated skull patterned hat, that is obvious, isn't that so?
Especially, if I know just the perfect pattern...and there is a fresh, warm Drops alpaca shipment in the yarnstore.
It looked slightly scary before blocking...
But a hot bath and streching exercise over a big potlid helped the case.
Pattern: Angry Teen
Yarn: DROPS Alpaca
Photos: Christopher Deli

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