Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Quick, I need a hat!

A few days ago our mild winter turned really cold, and as I was taking on my coat and natural white alpaca shawl, and mitts, I was like..."Oh, but its cold and I need a hat...HOW come I don't have a creamy white hat???"
I had to remedie the situation real quick, right? As I was heading to Barka, the yarn store anyway, it didn't take much to pick up two skeins of Drops nepal, that also contains alpaca. 
I knew long ago, that I want to use the spiraly-lacy pattern of the Beaufort hat, but I wanted to change the shape somewhat, this amounted to some recalculations and a couple of false starts and frogging.
At the end it took me a night (OK, a long night at that, but still...) to knit up the hat.
Kind of typical, that the band suggest 5 mm needles, and I've knitted this with size 3.25mm for the ribbing and 3.5mm for the lace.
And so just you all know how serious I am about swatching... I wanted to the hat like yesterday, and I played the daredevil, and I knit it without swatching...And even though it fits perfectly, and I love the structure and all, I felt so guilty, about not swatching and having a quarter skein leftover...besides O fell in love with the yarn and thought, it would be nice to know the gauge in advance should I decide to knit other things with it... so I've knit up a sizeable swatch after I blocked the hat.
Photos are by Deli Christopher.
PS. I am going to change my relationship status on Facebook. I am officially in love with the Nepal yarn.

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