Saturday, February 15, 2014

Its bigger in the inside

I made this for someone whose family almost as big Dr Who fans as we are with Chris.
The day we talked about it, I walked into Barka's yarnstore and there was one ball of Tartdis blue and one ball of white on one, otherwise empty shelf, it almost poke my eyes out...what else could have I done???
When I gave it, the recepient was surprised, and moved, and happy, so much I might even have to rethink my position as a seriously selfish knitter...there ARE people for whom it is worth to give a handmade present.
Yarn: Drops Karisma
Pattern: Tardis Hat

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kristieinbc said...

What a terrific hat, especially for a Dr. Who fan! And I want to say I think it's perfectly fine to be a selfish knitter. If you think about other people's hobbies like golf or building model railways or whatever it might be they aren't expected to give away the results of their labour. :-)