Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Within the family

I deeply believe that genes and inheritance affects one's interest and behaviour. And not because we "learned" from them. Don't even have to go further, just remember how I thaught myself spin, then learned that my grandmother was a very good spinner, which I never knew...
Anyway, I was organizing my stash, and at one point I turn around and see this :-)

And I was thinking to myself...hah, next...he will want to spin... and sure enough, what do I see a few hours later:
Drafting was a bit too much for him to handle, besides as I said earlier the wheel is not in a proper shape for proper spinning, so I got out some of my practice singles and let him ply them:
Not bad, for a first try, huh?

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Anonymous said...

LOL, that's awesome! I remember when the manlets wanted to learn how to crochet. They quickly became bored because they didn't like doing squares for the practice, though. :)