Sunday, January 30, 2011

The day of wool

I was invited to teach/demonstrate spinning in the "wool day" in Pilisszentlászló. Originaly there was two of us, Zsu would've been responsible for introducing the spinning wheel, and me for the spindle spinning. Unfortunately a fever going through the family, cut into the plans, I had to hold fort alone. We were planning to go toogether, with zsu's car, so even getting there was a bit adventourus, we left the house not knowing just exactly how we are going to make the last part of the trip. Thank you for the crafters who came to our rescue, and on the "many good people fits into a small place" principal fitted us in their car.

the building of the Waldorf scool was a lovely experience. When we got out of the car, we saw a typical village "socialist realist" style building"... but as we got close we saw th ehuge windows... then the stage... then the door... and when finally passed the door... It was like we stepped into a different world. Huge wood burning stoves pouring warmth everywhere, warm, friendly , rustic furnitures, colors... that is the mood I always dreamt  of having in my own home too. I did not had time to shoot many pictures...I was about to say, unfortnately, but this also means that there were many interested in spinning and I simply didn'had time.
All of my pupils were lovely, and very clever with their hands... they picked up the basics very fast :-)

Though I don't have a picture of "Borcsa", I do want to mention the ten year old girl here, as she was learning so fast. It was amazing to see, how she picked up the movement and got to the point in an hour where it took me a week to get...Not to mention the fact she did not throw away the spindle as I did back then...
And the bigegst surprise, that there were not only girls and women, but boys as well :-)
There were other stuff, like felting, doll making...but as the nature of things...I didn't get around to try them. But the pizza was really good!


anxiety knits said...

I am so proud!! You learned to spin and now your teaching spinning. If you send me your address I will send you some very special treats.

Your American Knitting Friend,

Isis said...

looks like a great time was had by all ! I'm glad you had this experience !

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! :) So awesome, I'm really happy for you that your class had such an excellent turnout!