Thursday, January 27, 2011

In the winter of our discontent

I am battling winter depression...It came later than usual, I was fine right through the holiday (which is a lot to say for me), but it caught up with me...and there are signs... such as

I leave the blog without a post for two weeks.
I am reading hungarian.
I leave my flat without knitting in my bag.
I do not speak up at the parental meeting in Chris's school (thought there are things that bother me).
Receveive a note that I have a package in the post office...and not rushing to pick it up.
I sit down to watch Tv and do not knit at the same time. Just sit there and stare at Superman.
I am reading TWILIGHT for god sake.
The color of my underwear....does not match the clothes I am wearing.

If you know me, you know now. That is really the end.


Anice kötős blogja said...

Just having a rest, probably it is filling the batteries up again.

kristieinbc said...

January is a tough month for many people. It won't be too much longer until the days are longer and signs of green will be seen outside our doors. Have you tried one of the special lights that help with winter blues?