Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The trouble

With shopping for yarn in those second hand shops is that it is so rare to find enough for a full sweater. Often there is something that it would be a shame to leave it there, but then I keep wondeing what to do with it. So was the case with the beige cotton ribbon yarn I found earlier this month. But then the weather turning cold and the recent succes with the turqoise shrug how useful these little things can be. Worn over tank tops, sleevless dresses in the summer, over long sleeved stuff in the winter. Once again after endless leafing through mags and ravelry pages I decided to make up a pattern for myself. Here is the end result.

Sinmple lace pattern for the body from the matte pure cotton yarn and crocheted edge from the shiny that had rayon in it.

For the photoshoot I wore it over a brown long sleeved T shirt to show the pattern better.

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Anonymous said...

It's very cute!! :) BTW - I *love* the haircut! ;)