Saturday, September 11, 2010

Red tweed

There are quite a few stuff I have a "thing" about... tweed yarn is one of them. At my last time in the second hand shop there was 300 gramms of this very colorful mostly wool and viscose yarn, obviously I just had to have it, even if I had no idea what to do with it... but leafing through one of the fresher Sabrina magazines I soon figured it out. Of course my german didn't improved in the last few weeks, so I had to go by the pictures and the charts.

Knit sideways with a cabled edge, which shows up better in real life than in the pictures.

It took me about five days to knit this.


ritarenata said...

huuu de régen nem voltam itt,
nagyon szorgalmas voltál.

Isis said...

Love the plaited border ! and the yarn ! I can knit in German fairly wel but that's only because the knitting terms resemble Dutch so much... LOL !