Thursday, March 25, 2010


I went back to work this week, and doing it not totall healthy kind of exhausted me, so not much knitting this week. Besides nor fair isle nor lace is known as fast projects, and I don't really think shouwing you an other five rows worth of Venezia would be all too exciting...
But look what did I find in the second hand English bookshop:

Earlier I kept asking the guy there if he has any knitting books, and he looked me like I asked for a book on how to grow marihuana... But last week, when I dropped in to get something to read there it was... Full of old fashioned illustration like these:

And patterns for sweaters like this, which could be easily made to wear it today. Like they say, good fashion and good knitting is timeless, right?

Come to think of it my aunt gave these at Xmas. They were my grandma's and I am so happy to have them. These were the ones I kept leafing through when she first thaught me how to knit:

4 comments: said...

beautiful, lucky you!

Isis said...

I have a few "pattern books" like that and yes, they are awesome ! I'm glad you found that second hand...

ritarenata said...

tüneményes könyvek

Rózsaszín pöttyök said...

A két "Kötés, horgolás" nekem is megvan. Főleg a gyerekmodelleket érdemes lenne újra megkötni belőlük.

Mondjuk annak örülök, hogy jött az internet és kitárult a világ.
Ezekből sosem derült volna ki, hogy van VK, észt csipke, és az ír-minták is változatosabbak, mint eddig gondoltam. :-)


I also have these two books of "Kötés, horgolás". I think that mostly the children's modells are worth knitting.

Although, I am realy glad that there's internet and our world has opened up because from these I have never met VK, Estonian lace and even Arans are much more versatile than I thought before.