Monday, September 28, 2009

White flower

An other summer knit finished in the fall. I practicly knited this twice. I saw a picture in a german magazine (Sandra, I think), which I liked pretty much. With all the white I wear in the summer, I could very well use a white cotton cardi. Now, my knowledge of the german language is rather limited, but I could still make out, that, it was made from the bttom up, in pieces. Now, if I ever saw a sweater begging for seamless construction, this was it, so I started it that way. I knitted it all up, thinking that I could block out the twist teh original lattice pattern produced. Hah, right. So I carefully picked at the edge of the yoke and frogged it, but then I just couldn't pick up the stitches, very well, so I gave up the whole thing and frogged every part. Since by now, I've see how the stitch counts, increases/decreases worked out I started it at the neckline, and worked my way from the top down, using a different lattice motif.

I made up the crocheted flowers from the top of my head.

The yarn came from the second hand store some multiple ply pure cotton. About 400 grams. i used 4 mm addi circular needles.

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh, Anett! SO pretty! And it's one of your favorite colors - lovely! :)