Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Missing time

sorry, i didn't mean to disappear... Aside from the extra work that needed to be done, I am having some technical difficulties. My computer at home is acting up. It has memory issues, slow as a snail, and the DVD burner doesn't work. I already bought a new burner, but being such a computer dummie, I cannot put it in... If I could do that I could take out the things I want to keep (patterns, pictures, whatnot), then I could format the hole thing and rebuild it. Now, my brother is a computer genius (he wrote books on Java and other things) but he, for some reason cannot find the time to come and help me :-(... To top it all, my camera is acting weird. It takes pictures all right, I can review them there, but when I connect it to the computer the computer senses that it is plugged it, but cannot reach the data... So no pictures until I figure out what is wrong and find a way to fix it.
Believe me, I had a few things lined up to show you, knitting, and spinning, and other things, but a blog, especially a knitting6crafty blog without pictures, is like eating a big dinner but feeling no taste of it...arrgh.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no!! I hope you can get it all taken care of soon! {{{hugs}}}