Sunday, September 27, 2009


You see, I fixed my camera problem... how? I did nothing. I would like to think that there was no problem to begin with, but I tried the darn thing with two computers, my table one and the laptop and it didn't worked with either one. Last night I sat down to figure out how the card reader box works (yeah, I have one, which I never used), when I thought, why don't I give it one last try? I plugged it in, I pushed a bit harder than usual, and loo and behold, it started to read the contents in.Go figure.
Anyway, pictures are here.
This is a scarf/stole I started in late spring from the pattern called Haruha scarf. Since I knew I wanted a wider one I added a few repeats to the width, and knitted on. Then kept on knitting. And knitted a little bit more. Forever this was my "take-away project" the one I stuffed in my bag when I was taking Chris to the playground, when going to knitting club, when waiting for the doc.Never at home, those times were for more complicated stuff. At the end I grew rather bored with it, thank god I run out of yarn when I did, otherwise I was ready to throw the towel in and use it for a pillowcase.
Even if it is a rather simple lacy pattern and straight shape, blocking never cease to awe me.
The scarf before:

Pinned out for blocking (that is a big Ikea bath towel on my floor):

Me wearing it as a stole:

And wearing it as a scarf:

The pattern is the haruha scarf repeated five or six time, with a three stitch wide plain garter border. The yarn is handpainted laceweight merino knitted on 3.5 mm bamboo needle from my favourite ebay seller. I already mentioned her here a few times, she is the best. Since I kept this knit in my bag for a long while, and I knitted usually in public, sometimes when I put it away fast, I lost one of the needles... more than one. She was always on hand sending me the replacements really fast and my order never came without something extra in the package. Thank you Bing/Irene!

As it is usual by now, pictures were shot by my talented boy. Thank you sweetheart :-)

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Isis said...

Beautiful ! I love the colour too !