Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crochet mon amour

I am one of those who love knitting and crocheting equally.

A while ago I kept nagging my friend Angela, to give knitting a try, but not because I think knitting is better than crochet. Because I thought both has advantages, and it depends on each project which craft is better. For socks, definetly knitting.

But I cannot understand those who will not even try crochet, who are even proud that they only know how to single-crochet, and that is onéy because they wouldn't be able to finish some projects witouth it. And I cannot understand knitters who look down on crochet.

I didn't even knew such a thing exist, until I've read Olivia Goldsmith's "Whish upon a star" where she made a statement like that.

I do not think any of these crafts is more complex than the other. Chrochet is chain, single crochet, double crochet, (There is triple too, even quadrouple, but it is basicly the same pricipal), and the combination of those. But those combinations are endless.Knitting is basicly two things knit and purl and the variatons of those, also endless variation...

In fact my absolute favourite items are the ones that combine knitting and crochet. See the wrap cardi I just finished, or this turqouise one.

Why am I rambling about crochet? Probably because I just finished an other crocheted item.


The pattern is from the early summer issue of Sabrina. Not much modification, the yarn was thinner than the original, but I just kept adding rows in granny-square style, until I thought it is big enough, and I made up the straps…

The yarn is Steinbach Wolle Capri. 5 skeins, 3.5m crochet hooks


Isis said...

Lovely ! I can't believe how many FO's you have shown in the past few weeks... Do you ever sleep/eat/errr... clean ? OKOK... I don't want to sound like some people's husbands, hehe...

Anonymous said...

*grin* Woo Hoo, I'm famous! ;)

Sadly, though, you are SO right about the crochet vs knitting feelings. I too have seen many cases where knitters look down on the hookers. As a matter of fact, you MUST watch this video, it's hysterical!! (I'm hoping the link works here...)
Wooly Bullies

Oh yeah - I've already commented on it, but LOVE the crocheted top!

herr_dr_nuss said...

i agree with isis. you're produced a large amount of work. as for the work, it is exquisite! The model looks incredible too! ;-) i'm telling you that you have a great future in fashion!!!