Wednesday, July 30, 2008


After three years of knitting and crocheting at work, the ice broke... two of my collegaues asked me to teach the to crochet... Noe asked me a couple of days ago asked me if I would crochet a cell-phone holder for her. Of course the standard answer went : "No, but I will teach you."


Here is Noemi (we call her Noe) with a crochet hook and the leftover Read Heart yarn from my world famous crocheted orange scarf... It went rather well for her. If she keeps up, she will be on her way, to some FOs. She grew up in Transylvania, and she did learned some crafts as a child, but except for emroidery she rarely used any of those skills. She did started beading (Maybe me taking beads into work has something to do with that too???) some time ago, and now hopefully she will pick up the hooks and needles. It is so good to spread some yarney goodness.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet, my friend!! Awesome, awesome of you to share the joy! :D I hope Noe really enjoys herself - nothing more satisfying than making your own things.