Thursday, January 19, 2017

As seen on TV

I can't decide if this year is starting too slow, or to fast... many thing happened, but I still could not get around to do a proper photoshoot of the New Year's sweater...
On the other hand, I would really like to get back to more regular blogging, so you just have to wait a little more for that, and until then make do with things I did before or since that :-)
Like many of you asked me to show the yarns in detail we dyed in the TV studio... Yes, it was really done there I did soak the yarn at home, and took it there wet, but we mixed the colors there and poured over, and set the colors (in a hot oven) in the studio, while we were there. The smell of vinegar does not bother me, but considering that a ton of other people were there, we used citric acid this time.
I had four skeins, two offwhite and two light heathery gray with me, and we dyed them in two  pans... Interestingly enough we got four totally different skeins as a result. If I dye two or more skein in one pan usually the result is a lot more similar to each other.

 I really want to keep one or two for myself, as a memory of the event, and knit something with it. I really like the reddish one and the petroll/purple one... I think maybe something striped... If you have any suggestion, I would be happy to listen and consider them.
Before you ask.. the yarn base is DROPS Baby Merino.

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