Monday, February 20, 2012

It is good to give

And so it happened, that one of our knitting circle (in the city where most of my family lives), was left by her very first lace shawl...she kept looking for it, she was much that we had the same idea just about the same time...and we had a little private discussion... I dyed some wool..
Then spun it...
Took it to Kecskemét in secret, shot a picture of it in very bright sunshine, and handed it over to Vera.
(grey merino dyed over with acidic dye, 85 gramms, 660 meter of two ply, lace weight)
Vera knitted this beautiful shetland. triangle out of it... We gave it to Kinga in our january meeting... she writes about it here.
Then came February, and brought some birthdays... one of them was our own Vera's.... What can you give to a knitter???
Vera, is a readhead as well, but unlike me, she really loves greens and browns.
So I dyed the wool in shades of greens and browns.
Spun it into thin singles.
Plyed them...
made the whole thing into a hank...and sneaked it between her other presents...
From her reaction I think sshe likes it, but I let her write about that and about what kind of plans she has for it.

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kristieinbc said...

What a great friend you are to make such beautiful yarn for your friends! I am sure they both loved their gifts!