Thursday, December 30, 2010

Xmas presents part 4

Mrs Beetons for my sister. She is a teenager with serious goth tendencies, but she fell in love with these about a year ago, when we were looking through Ravelry.
I happened to have to balls of Rowan's kidsilk, in Kafe Fasset colors. And matching beads too. I said I have a fairly extensive stash, most probably I could find yarn for any knitting I could think up...
Knitting them was not hard, though this was the first time I threaded the beads on BEFORE I started knitting. I wanted to use up all the yarn I had, and wanted to make the ribbed part a bit longer so I put stripes in there.But that was about the only change to the original pattern.(I still can't let alone, can I? LOL)
I think she liked them pretty much, I know I did, so much that now I want to get my own pair.
As for the present I got? This was hiding in the box I got from my father:
Nice, huh? Hopefully I can put better pictures from now own. My old camera went to Christopher, so my personal photografer has his own machie to play with... (which was the original goal)

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Isis said...

That's great about the camera ! I have a book that explains beading beforehand but never tried it... it just looks complicated ! I like the result !