Monday, December 27, 2010

Xmas presents part 2

Last year I made a pair of felted clogs for Christopher and an other for my friend. Both of them had such a great success, this year three pairs of them was going through the washing cycle.
One for Timea:
One for her daughter Dori

This pattern is such a genious work. It is a pattern you have to pay for, but well worth the money.You will end up making more -maybe much more- than one pairs. You do need to pay attention and not question it or wonder how it makes up the clog, just do what it says to do and I promise you, it will work out.
The only thing that felting it in the washing machine is not an exact science you will have to check it often.
Just for the fun and the scale this is how they looked before felting. The coke bottle is there for scale:
The left one ended up being a men's size, it will be my brother's present (he, once again, just moved into a new place), this is how it ended up after the felting:

The yarns are various all wool yarns I picked up in second hand shops.

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Anonymous said...

YES - I cannot agree more with your comments about this pattern! Well worth the money (I've made 3 pair so far myself as well) and definitely not to question it as one knits. I was rather baffled with the first one I knit until I finished it, then it all made sense. :)