Saturday, May 1, 2010

Small bit

There was not much knitting in the last couple of weeks... Christopher was ill, more than once, I caught it from him, more than once, and the last illness included puke and cleaning it up, and no sleep for nights.

Plus I had a translation work to be done, which for the above reaons didn't got done either. But it weighed on my consience.... so much it actually curbed my creativity. I mean even when I was sitting down to "knit", the best I could do is roll up some balls of yarns...

The only knitting I managed was the small lacy scarf I started a while ago as the take-out knitting. I worked on it while waiting at doctors, at knitting club, etc.

The yarn is 50 gramms of malabrigo lace. I wanted to do the Rose trellis from it, but the color contrast of the yarn and the pattern killed each other, so I had to look for something simpler. Something MUCH simpler

The reason why I was taking this out of the deep stash was the attack of the Queen of The Secon Hand, who being fed up with all the dark colors of the winter wanted something bright and found a red canvas jacket. Which was great, but....umm..RED. Very red. So I thought the scarf from this yarn would be tone it down a little bit.

Yes, I think it does, don't you?

Me wearing it doubled up... (Pic is by Christopher)

And leaving it open.

Needles, 10 inch long, 3.25 mm Brittany


Anonymous said...

Very pretty!! How did you like the Malabrigo lace? I have some, just haven't had time to knit it yet. :)

Isis said...

It's beautiful ! You look good in red + scarf !

RosalĂ­a said...

Lovely scarf. I love this pattern!

herr_dr_nuss said...

your stuff looks great as always and you look great in them. smile more sweets. let all know that you're not just a great knitter but a pretty face too!

C is a budding photographer!!