Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Black Bunny

I got kind of lost in the big/long projects and needed a quick fix, in other words instant gratification...and something black to wear with my red skirt and black lacy thights...There was a small box of black angora yarn in my stash. I got it in my favouritr second hand shop. I had my doubts as it was black and hairy, but it was so soft I bought it at the end. BAD decision. The yarn sheds like crazy. It actually ruined the white Tshirt I wore underneath...I doubt if I will ever wear it again... too bad.

Top dow construction, wrap style, pattern made up in my head

The yarn label says USCHI angora silber 70% angora, 25% lambs wool, 5% poliamid. I used 5 mm Addi circular needles.

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Isis said...

I have a tweedy black yarn with some angora in it that does the same. I made a pullover from it and it shed so badly, I couldn't eat anything while wearing it because I was eating wool... LOL ! I guess it's about how the angora is worked into the yarn. Very annoying !