Friday, October 17, 2008


I would go crazy without knitting. All those who say that knitting has health benefits are are those who say knitting is like meditation. Even if I do something at the same time like watching TV...

Sometimes there are results too. My Dahlia got finished, blocked, and an I cord knitted for the tie. The pictures were shot at the California Coffee company, at the weekly meeting of the BICC, which is always great fun. At the moment there are seven of us. From six different nations. Seven different way of knitting.
Here is my Dahlia... Oh, and my new haircut. I almost forgot to mention it.

(I hope you noticed the matching socks! LOL)

The details. Dahlia by Mary Weaver, pattern can be found at Knitty-com.

I used ten balls of Debbie Bliss cotton-angora yarn bought from Ebay. Addi circular needles 3.25 mm at the bodice, 3.75 mm at the "skirt".

Modifications: I added a few rows of ribbing (mainly to prevent rolling) before the picot edging at the neckline. Did the skirt somewhat longer and instead of the sewn cast off I cast off loosely, making a picot at the end of the cables and adding and extra cast-off stitch at the purl part between them.

Also I got this far with the orangey bamboo sock I started again. The colors of the yarn are way too busy, so for the fourth try I just did ribs.

Ps.: Nicole, thanks for the pics :-)


Teal Sky said...

Love the haircut! The knitting is cool also.

Anonymous said...

The haircut is so cute, I LOVE it! :D And ~ what a surprise ~ I certainly DID notice the matching socks! LOL Your Dahlia turned out lovely & I'm loving the sock yarn you're using. ;)

Isis said...

I like that purple yarn a lot ! Nice hair, too...

herr_dr_nuss said...

looking good girl! cute haircut too! keep churning out product and keep modeling for us ;-)