Friday, September 19, 2008

I gave in

For the longest time I thought about the Clapotis... OK, it is a rather simple but fun pattern.BUT everyone is knitting it, so why should I? Since Nokia phones are the most popular cell phones here, I will not get one...
But then looking around, listening to podcasts, reading blogs I realized they are like a knitter's badge. The pattern is so popular, that most probably every knitter who gets online at least once in a while knows it. I heard reports from places like Stitches Clapotis were showing up at every turn. If someone wears it it means it is hand knitted, that the person wearing it is a knitter (or in a gift-relation to someone who knits).
Since I live in a country where knitting is still considered a weird past time, it is not very probable, that someone will approach me with "OMG, is that a Clapotis?" (Nor will the same question will be asked for Noro yarn, unfortunately), still I finally gave in and ordered the yarn and started a Clapotis.
This is how far I got with it in about two hours on late Tuesday night:

That was with frogging the first ten or so rows twice. Once because I decided I want something lighter, so I went up with the needle size, then... I learned to knit with slipping the last stitch and knitting th efirst one, no matter what happens afterwards. The clapotis pattern calls for knitting or purling into the front and back to the last stitch and sliiping the first one. I could do it, but after doing ten rows twice like that I realized it will be a pain in the ass for me. NOT because anything is wrong with the pattern, but because I am so much used to knitting some other way. So I was thinking how can achieve the same effect with how I feel comfortable enough to knit. So I decided to slip the last stitch and knit into the back and front of the first one of each row for the increase part, ktog for the first two on the right side and knit into the front and back of the first stitch on the ws. Up until now it works just fine. And even though I could only knit a few row at each night, this is how far I got with it today:

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