Saturday, September 24, 2016

Childhood memory

I often wonder if I should keep this blog for mostly knitting and crafting stuff... Or should I wonder away into other things...which might even increase the number of posts.
Like reading post on Facebook that brought up... no, it did not brought up memories, because The Little Prince is always in my mind, I learned it so early in my life that is rather ingrained.... but reading that post about a city putting up a statue of a cartoon caracter kicked me enough to pause and look for an actual picture online of the statue of the pince and the fox, that is set up in the garden of a shcool in the city I grew up. I often walked by  it, even if it was a slight detour... and I often whished I'd gone to that elemengtary shcool just to see it more often...

Then, as I was looking for the picture I found a rather interesting article here ...about how this is teh only Little Prince statue in this country... maybe even in the world? How in the socialist regime it could not be called "The Little Prince and the Fox" but  "The boy and the fox" or even the "Foxing boy", and how even though the sculpture was put up in the seventies, there is no evidence exactly in which year... and how this was an early example of a statue that is life sized for one and second set in a park, in a way not disrupting it, but being an organic part of it... people (children) can sit down on the rocks, or get close to the fox, or the boy.
The next time I am in that city I will make sure to go and see it again.

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kristieinbc said...

I love to read about anything you write about! And it would be interesting to hear about your childhood, and where you live. :-)