Monday, February 22, 2016


As much as I liked the sheepy hat I've knitted, I was not that happy about the green ribbing. I know it represents grass, and (unlike with yellow) I have no problems about green, and that particular green yarn (DROPS Nepal) I actually like so much I have a sweaster's worth amount of.
The shape needed a bit of adjusting to suit my taste as well, so when Adél asked if anyone would knit one for her, I was quick to offer mine :-) (Go, check her blog a couple of posts back she posts a shawl she spun and knit from the wool I dyed).
That gave me the perfect opportunity to knit the hat again, this time using gray for the lower part. After all, it is a winter hat, and there are snowflakes on the crown, and rarely any bright green grass in the winter where I am... It didn't took longer to knit this than the first time, only insted of a one night adventure, it was a Sunday one.
Knitted only 12 rounds of ribbing (instead of sixteen I did the first time), and took out a couple of rounds (no more than two) from the crown.
pattern, Blaa bee hat
yarn: Drops Nepal
Photos: Christopher Laurent Deli

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kristieinbc said...

I love this hat pattern, and yours looks great! It's in my Ravelry queue, waiting for the right moment to be knit.