Friday, January 16, 2015

One night stand

Just as I was finishing my new year sweater, and waited until it is dry, the need to have a RED hat hit me... not a red and white (which I have) not a red and gray, but red, nothing else, pure red...
 Last year I must have known something, because when I finished my white Beaufort hat, I inmediately got the yarn and cast on for  red one, but spring came and it was not only cas on, but cast aside as well..

I only had to dig in the box I put the WIP's and see where was I... Right after the ribbing, cool.
 I vaguely remebered I wanted to heavily modify the original one, make it more beret shaped, however the yarn length was limited.
 But it was thick, and I love this pattern, so it went fast, in fact I was done in a night. Sometimes you just gotta love quick projects, right?
Photos: Christopher Laurent Deli
Yarn: DROPS Andes
Needles: 5 mm
Pattern: Very loosely based on the Beaufort hat.

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