Sunday, June 8, 2014


Its official. He is 13. He is really getting to be a teenager. With all of its poblems and happiness.

13 years ago, I knew that whoever will come to my life with the baby I just had I will love him with all my heart.
Little did I know, that he will bring such challenges I still wonder if I can live up to or not. he is definetly not an easy child, that's fo sure.
But I had no idea either that he will show me a true heart. That he will become the kid, who would give the shoe off his feet (literally), who would give up his hard earned/saved money for someone else. Who would sit through a night and help me learn the names of a bunch of hindu gods, who would help me through the most grueling exam period, who would make me countles pots of tea, even cook dinner for that matter, and not to say a word when I just shoed him away.
Who still does not think that holding my hand and me walking him to school is uncool, who would sit by my bed holding my hand when I was ill.
Stay that way, my boy.
Many happy Returns.

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kristieinbc said...

Happy Birthday to your son! Being 13 is such a huge milestone. He sounds like a wonderful boy. Of course they all have their moments, but I'm sure we did too when we were that age. Ha!