Monday, April 7, 2014

All that, and more..

For days now I keep thinking how, and what should I write about the Day of Wool, as I could repeat word by word what I've written last fall.Things did not imporved in my life, in fact the last two and half weeks were one of the worst ones, and I've waited for this day, like some people are waiting for the Messiah.
But then, already, dealing with the fibers, the yarns, the colors were balm to my wounds, and I did manage to dress up my soul to its best for the day. And the day gave me all that I hoped for and more.
And then, the doors opened, and people came.Some just looked around, some trying to find something to do at a saturday morning.
Others came for the yarns.
 Others to try their hands at spinning. Spinning at its most simple, most ancient way.
It never cease to amaze me, that such a simple tool can turn a handful of fibre into something so wonderful. That people were spinning this way for thousands and thousands of years.

And, that we can use the same simple tool, and still produce something wonderful from a handful of fiber.
Old friends came, and spun.
Families. Small ones and grown ups.
Girls and boys.
And men came...
And some of them were better and and more paitent than some ladies.
And we all shared something wonderful.
Besides spinning there were other activities, like felting, yarn-dyeing, carding and spinning with a spinning wheel, even sheep shearing at a point, but I never got to see them. 
For one day, I was happy to be me again.
And there were some, without whom it all wouldn't have happened. Lotti (who was working the day itself, so, no picture) who helped me to prepare, and dye.
Kriszti, who helped me with everything, from skeining the yarns, trough scrub the dye of my table, to packing up the whole sheebang, and keeping the front while I was trying to show the wonders of drop spindling.
Zsóka, who is one of the organizers, and was busy all day with the carder.
Adrien, who is the mastermind behind it all, and were sharing the secrets of the spinning wheel.
Thank you to everyone, who was there organizing, helping to get ready, and those who came.

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kristieinbc said...

I love the picture of you with all the yarn. The yarn is beautiful, and so are you. It sounds like it was a wonderful day, a precious memory to hold onto when things are so hard. I'm very sorry to hear it has been such a rough imd for you. I keep hoping that your situation will improve. Hugs to you from across the ocean...