Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Golden Wheat

The girls at facebook called for a knitalong, the subject was the Golden Wheat cardigan. Other sweaters knitted from thick yarns played too, we are flexible with the rules like that (just look at the nonrules of the stashdiet group).
Of course, if I think about it, I can count this as a stashdiet knit as well, since I bought the yarn about a year ago, in one of those crazy cheap sales of Ice Yarns, after which 4 package in two colorways found its way to my place. The rather simple pattern was perfect for the uneven thickness of the yarn.
And, of course the name of the pattern, and the color went just as well toogether, being just like ripe wheat. (I know thats kinda crazy thinking, but that is how I am).
I used 15 of the 16 balls(800 grams), and now I have to figure out what to dp aith the one leftover ball.If I would knit this again, I would leave it a bit longer. Used 5 mm needles for the neck, and 5.5 for the rest of the body. The recomended was like about 7 mm, but as I mentioned earlier I am not only a loose knitter, but like my knitted fabric denser than most others.
As for the pattern... I checked how many stitches she starts with, deducted 10 because I wanted a collar that stands up better, then after the garter stitch collar checked how she divided for the body and sleeves, and went after my head from there. I left the knit side of the stockinett for right side, and made the two stitch at the raglan line a narrow cable. After I increased until I thought it would be OK, added a number of stitches underarm to míke it just right. Decreased and increased as my usual for waist shaping, and knitted a rather wide garter stitch edge for the sleeves (just as my usual... its kinda becoming my trademark, eh?)
And the photos also as usual...shot by Christopher Laurent Deli.


kristieinbc said...

I love that sweater Peony! You are so lucky to be able to wear yellow/gold. I look like I have a disease when I am wearing those colours. :-)

What Facebook group are you on?

vicarno's mama said...

Olala, I absolutely love this one. (I prefer dense knitting and crochet as well)