Saturday, February 23, 2013

Poppies and prototype

The invitation to participate in the Motolla e-book gave me the perfect opportunity to try out an idea, I was toying around for some time.I planned a flowery beret, with lowers in graduating shades of red, vith wide corrugated rib. No long after I was drawing up a chart in excel, and done the prototype with some leftover sockyarn that I have in insane amount in my stash.  (The hat ended up as a late Xmas present to my friend's daughter who loves it to bits).
Afterwars the patternhad to be written up from my nonexisting notes and excel chart,then  it had to be knitted again from Barka yarn, from which we choose the Vasárnap (Sunday) that is lovely and incredibly soft (it has cashmere in it as well), and comes in a wide range of beautiful colors.Thankfully we could select colors that were very close to the original idea.
Pattern: Poppies, at the moment it is available in Hungarian, but soon the English version will be up as well. If you can't wait until then, I think the chart in the pattern speaks for itself, and it is easy to find the nubmbers, even in the Hungarian mumble jumble.
Yarn: Barka Vasárnap


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! It makes me daydream of spring!

peony said...

Thank you Sabine! Isn't t is uplifting? wearing something colorful and flowery in teh dead of winter?

kristieinbc said...

Wow! I went away for a few days to visit my mom and am just now catching up on my blog reading. In that short amount of time there has been an e-book published with some of your work in it, you have posted about your gorgeous striped sweater, and now this hat! You have been very busy. Please let us know when the patterns come out in English.