Thursday, November 1, 2012

Weekly spinning: Castle hunter

Remember the craft fair in august? For four days I was spinning there, and here is what I had on my spindle.
The wool originally was called "walk in the woods":
 But in reality it had a rather huntery color, which I was spinning up in the castle...(the prince didn't come, but that's an other matter).

It took me about four day to spin the 100 grams on my spindle.Because of the circumstances, walking around (yes, I did spin walking around), talking to people, regurarly putting it down, and picking it up again, it is not as even and consistent as it should be, but what the heck.
As I say, if I want perfectly even and consistent yarn I would go to the store and pick up a skein from the shelf.
And at the end I ended up about 660 meters of two ply.
And in the halloween-y mood, paired up with the orangey yarn spun from a very similar wool...
Finished yarn photos by Tamas Rigo/Veronika Nyerges

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