Monday, October 22, 2012

A not so promising day...

...turned out really well. There was this program put in the middle of a long weekend made mandatory by Chris's school (don't ask.If I start on teh subject, I will not finish in two days.) It was called family day, and there were some crafts involved... As it is usual, I left the house well prepared, two days worth of knitting and some spinning in my bag.
I was happy to bump into a friend I know from craft (wool, spinning etc) circles.
I always wanted to ty felting (the real way, not throw some knitted stuff in the washing machine.
 So while Christopher was participating in the day's activities, I was doing this felted leaf, with the hep of Adrienn Horvath. (who is not the sam as the Adrienn, who spins).
Then as we were talking and I was spinning away my blue/turqois/lilac wool I started thinking... (this is when my friends say, the trouble starts). I just bought a dark blue courdory coat that could use some embellieshment...
So I teared off a bit of wool from the end of my rowing, added bit of this and that, soped it, kneaded it, and ended up with this blue leaf.
I have a feeling this was not the last time I dabbled with felting...especially since it is not liek I don't have any wool in the house, right?

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kristieinbc said...

I love the felted leaves! I really enjoy felting, but haven't done it very much lately because I have a front loader washing machine and it doesn't felt things as well as my old machine.