Saturday, May 5, 2012


Hello everyone! Long time no see... I am so sorry I had great plans, for april, but life, as in university, work and other stuff stepped in. I did knit and done other crafts though, and I have a bunch of stuff to show you.

Lets start with a sweater I finished back in march. Or was that early april? Anyway, for a long time I wanted to knit the Leyfi sweater, in fact I bought some green tweed for it, but its gauge was so much off I thought better of it.
Then, when I bunped into this gorgeous yarn from one of my very favourite place, I knew I was lost.
Its not often that as soon as a package arrives I start knitting with the yarn, but this is exactly what happened in this case.The gauge was still a bit off but I compensated by knitting a larger  size and playing around with the increases at the yoke.
The pattern is great, well written. The changes I've done to the it is due to my personal preferences and style. These were instead of rolled edges, toward which I feel a very strong dislike, I used garther stitch at the neck as well as at the end of the sleeves and waist. And added a few decreases and increases at the sides for additional waist shaping.
That was it.. Fast and beautiful. What more would I want from a sweater?
And if you find yourself wondering about that green tweed? Don't worry, it met with its faith, but more on that later.

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