Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Rustic ruffles

I have a friend, who loves all handcrafts, and she appreciates handcrafted presents like nobody else...
Last year I've dyed and spun some wool fo her birthday, with the pomise of knitting it one day.
She has very strong patriotic feelings, so when I select colors for her I can never go wrong with Red white and green, and their variation. At the same time I also try to be a bit more subtle, so the colors only "hint" the tricolor. As with here, most of the green is minty, the red is more orangey.
Once again I've tried to look for pictures of the wool or the spirnning, or the yarn, but they got lost somehow. Anyway, The yarn was decidedly rustic, but ever so soft.
For pattern I used the helix scarf pattern, slightly modified for width.

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kristieinbc said...

I love the scarf! The yarn is so nice, I am sure your friend will love it! (It looks like it is still cold where you live.)