Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Liesl cardigan

Don't ask me why, this pattern never interested me much... until Barka came out with some yarn with long colorchanges, and I thought the wavy pattern would enchance it pretty nicely... But the yarn was much smaller than the pattern called for and though I did recalculate the whole stuff and knitted it until under the armpits teh small gauge was so slow progress I put it aside. By then I got the hang of th epattern and started to search for something thicker to knit it.
There was a bag of cotton tape from King Cole. I bought it a few years ago. when I opened the bag, I was surprised to find that it is not a simple cotton tape, but within the tape there are small bobbles in regular distances from each other. Knitting a swatch showed me, that the gauge is more or less fine, if I knit a bigger size, and the bobbles does not hurt the pattern... in fact the thing looks even more structured.
I've put buttonholes though the whole front edges, so I can decide just how many I want to button up.
Since the final fabric is quite loose, I used mother of  pearl buttons for backing.The hold the buttons so much better, than if I would try to sew them on the kitting itself.
The above pictures by Christopher. Below a couple of them the cardigan in action. I wore it at the knitting meeting in Kecskemet at the end of august. The pics were shot by Kato. Thanks :-)

And while we are at the topic of Kató... look into her blog ;-) I infected her....


kristieinbc said...

The finished sweater is beautiful! You are lucky to be able to knit with cotton. Unfortunately it hurts my hands if I knit with it. Which means I miss out on nice, summer weight sweaters. Very nicely done!

Isis said...

it's lovely and suits you very well !

Alwen said...

Isn't it fun how a yarn and a pattern come together that way?